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One of the most important tools to grow your business or share information is a website. We are all aware of the impact that social media and the internet has in business and how many people are consistently active. However, if we want a job professionally done there will be costs involved. As a website designer, I will give you the breakdown and facts about what a website should cost you and what you should avoid ensuring you get the quality website you pay for.

The cost breakdown for a professional website

There are three core costs involved with having a website. This includes a domain name, website hosting and website design. 

Domain Name

A domain name is required to give your website a unique identity. This will allow your clients to find you easily and will set a professional structure for your website. If your clients see your website as for example, they will be not only turned off but it is also very hard to remember compared to 

It is a very small investment for a domain name starting at as low as $10-15 per year up to $40-50 depending on what domain type you want. 

You can register your domain name here.

Website Hosting

In order for your website to be accessed on the internet, your website will need to be stored on a server. This usually is a monthly cost and is relatively inexpensive. Basic website hosting starts from as low as a few dollars up to $20 a month. You can get quality, fast and Australian based hosting here.You need to be careful when selecting a host based on price and here’s why:

Over populated servers
Hosting giants that boast very cheap prices such as $3 a month usually cram their servers full of websites and do not care about performance. We tested one of the servers from one of the largest website hosting providers in Australia and found there were over 3000 websites on one server. We purchased a service from this company to find it slow, clunky and did not live up to their 99.9% guaranteed uptime. 

Location Location Location
We have found that cheaper providers, even though they are Australian companies, have their servers overseas which dramatically affects the speed of your service. Make sure you check the location of their service!

Customer Support
If there is an issue with your web hosting then there is an issue with your website. Making sure there is available support is important in case you encounter any problems. You will have to read some reviews or you can ask us for advice. 

Website Design

With such a wide range of pricing from different places, how much should you spend on a website design? It all comes down to your choice of a designer but there are some guidelines and things to avoid. 

There are some general guidelines set by the Australian Government in terms of costs of putting your business online which you can see here. For the most basic websites they suggest that they start around $600 and as the complexity increases such as online stores and e-commerce, prices then go into the $1000’s. this is the price point for a quality designer. 

Website Type Templated Website Custom Website
Business Card Website $600 $1000 – $2000
Folio Website $1000 – $2000 $5000 – $20000
Brochure Website $1000 – $2000 $5000 – $20000
e-Commerce Websites $1800 – $4000 $10000 – $80000
Blogs $400 – $600 $1000 – $2000

Taken from

Things to avoid
But I see plenty of places where I can get a website for as low as $99? These claim to be “web designers”, but in reality, they are merely people that want to make a quick buck throwing some information into a template. If you read or ask for their inclusions you will find that it will be either set designs, no changes or no revisions. Which means if you want to change certain parts of the design they just can’t because they don’t know how or they don’t want to deal with you. There is no professional website designer that can produce a quality website for a client at those prices. I have created websites when I first started for as low as $200, which many people do to build a portfolio, however, it was not worth the time, resources and it is not sustainable.

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