You get what you pay for. Why local website solutions should be preferred.

When someone decides that they need a website, one of the deciding factors in the project is price. Just like producing any product, outsourcing this work (in particular to international companies) can be relatively cheap. However, many issues arise when dealing with companies that are not local. Whether you are an established company or only just starting a business, you want to ensure that your money is invested, rather than spent on a product you might be unhappy with.

As a media producer, I have come across numerous clients that have outsourced websites and website hosting overseas. Many clients often say that they have had a negative experience with the communication, or lack thereof, with their original website developer. Most of these clients are unsettled and frustrated with the fact that they have invested to develop or improve their growing online platform but the company has not delivered what they were expecting. Further, sometimes the company is unable or unwilling to discuss and compromise a solution.  Whether it has been weeks between responses or just the pure lack of replying, this obviously is not ideal when you have a goal and a deadline . As it is unrealistic to communicate through traditional mediums such as phone calls due to time differences and cost, international companies rely on email to communicate with their clients. Regardless, communication is pivotal when designing a product for a client as you need to be able to have a clear and common understanding of the vision in order to meet the requirements of the client with satisfaction.  Although committing to a local designer and developer may not be as cost-effective, you can rest assured that through genuine, face-to-face conversation, your vision for your website is clear and can be more readily achieved.  

If you are an established business and already have a functioning and responsive website, you may want to look into whether you are getting real value for money with your website hosting. Ever think to yourself, “wow, $2 a month for website hosting, yes please!”? The fact is, you get what you pay for. There is a lot of confusion when it comes to website hosting and pricing, mostly due to the client’s knowledge of the product. Low costs may come at a higher price; here are the facts:

  • The website is usually hosted overseas in places such as America. You will experience slower page loading times and issues with efficiency.
  • When your site is hosted internationally, particularly in America, the servers are overloaded with thousands of websites on one server
  • The server resources that your website uses such as CPU and RAM are shared with other websites. Therefore, if the other websites have high traffic, this will have a negative impact on your website’s speed
  • Your web hosting provider has a WHM service. This means that they host multiple websites on one web hosting service, which also shares the servers resources. This is obviously cheaper for your provider and the savings are then carried to you therefore cheaper for you.

When I first started doing freelance work, I had American servers and a WHM service. I know first hand what it is like and since starting a business, I only offer Australian, single service hosting. The quality and performance of this hosting service goes above and beyond the methods above, which means a more responsive website for you and your customers.

When choosing a company to provide you with a website solution, take the time to evaluate your decision and consider someone local. Keeping business in Australia for this industry not only helps the Australian economy but ensures that you are protected by Australian law and that you get exactly what you pay for.