Why Responsive Design is the most important feature for your website

What Is Responsive Web Design?

Responsive web design allows a website to adjust its layout to the screen size on the device that is being used by the viewer. This allows any sized screens from mobile phones to large monitors to have the same content presented with text and images appropriately sized to be read.

Why is Responsive Design the most important feature for your website?

Here are the reasons:

Multiple-Device Support

The majority of people will use their smartphones to search for something online. When someone visits a website it can only take a few seconds before they decided whether to stay on that website or find another. So not only do you need content that is to the point and obvious, having that content in a logical and easy to read layout is critical. If someone visits your website and they cannot find what they need efficiently, they will leave. Having a Responsive Design will ensure that your content will scale based on the device the viewer is using so that they can access your content with ease.

Improve Search Engine Optimisation

Google recommends responsive design not only to make it easier for your viewers but it indirectly helps to index your website in search engines. This can affect the ranking of your website in search results as it makes Googlebot’s crawling more efficient and can index more of your websites content.

No Split Sites

Long gone are the times where we have two versions of a website, a core website and a mobile website. This has become extremely time-consuming having to maintain two websites. With responsive design, we can simply scale all of the website’s elements to fit any device screen size. This can even work with new devices to the market with limited maintenance or change.